Absentee Bid Form

1.Auctioneer or representative represents any or all articles to the best of knowledge with no warranties or guarantees on condition. Buyer is purchasing item “as is” condition. 2. Auctioneer is a seller’s agent. 3. Once item is sold, Whalen Realty & Auction, Ltd, shall not be responsible for acts of violence, damage, theft or accidents to merchandise. 4. Cash or check with ID, a 5% buyer’s premium for credit card. Ohio sales tax if applicable. 5. In some cases the auctioneer may accept a bid in the audience equal to your left bid. If your absentee bid is equal to the last bid in the audience the audience bid will be accepted as the winning bid. 7. If this bid is a phone bid, write “phone” under the bid amount. Phones are on a first come, first served bases. Only one attempt will be made to contact you during the auction. 8. Absentee bids whether phoned or faxed are accepted as legal binding contracts to purchase the described items. Bids must be received prior to auction day. 9. If buyer cancels a check on merchandise purchased, the buyer can be prosecuted. 10. Any advertisement pertaining to this auction was believed to be correct but not guaranteed. 11. Buyers rely on their own judgment and inspection of any item sold. 12. Any additional terms announced the day of the auction shall be applied. 13. Your signature indicates you have read the terms of the auction and agree to abide by them.

Do you Agree with the Terms and Condition set forth by the Absentee form and do you grant Whalen Realty & Auction the right to Process your Credit Card.

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